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There was this nubile girl who was so hot and every pussy sucker in college wanted a piece of her. She was curvaceous, had a medium sized well rounded butt and thighs to die for. But what was more appealing was the fact that she was one of those chicks who used to belong to the category of young breasts. They were the complete magnetic pull, considering that she never used to put on any bra, and when in loose tops, the nipples would force their way through, such that she appeared horny all the time. It was the young breasts which were the epitome of her being sexy.

Most pussy bangers will agree to the fact that hotties with young breasts are quite fun when it comes to foreplay, simply because they easily fit into the palm, mouth and the nipples are just but the right size for a sensual suck. Wait till the chick gets horny to the point of grabbing your dick is when you will know the benefits of having young breasts. This is simply because the nipples get so furry and hard, and when rubbed against the dick head, the sensation is mind blowing. They have this slightly rough and soft sensual feeling, which reverberate all the way to the balls, and you could easily cum.

When it comes to getting a boob job, young breasts have some of the best feeling, since they have to be squeezed tight, in such a way that they will be in a position to comfortably hold the dick in place. This therefore means that the pushing and pulling motion will not only have to be quite sensual, but with some lubrication and the necessary force, you do not even need to have pussy, as you won’t even notice as you cum. Squeeze them tightly enough, but not using excessive force, and you will be surprised at how the girl jumps to the ceiling, not in pain but in pure ecstasy and pleasure.

A complete turn on, young breasts are mostly associated with young hotties and school girls but you ought to know that they are also found on mature women as well. Hey are not in any way a sign of immaturity, and they will not also bulge as much when a chick is turned on. They are a clear indication of liberalism when it comes to women and their breasts. Once horny, a young breast chick will always want you to fondle them, in such a way that the nipples will always be on red alert.

Consider that young breasts are a complete turn off, mostly in cases where you will find that the owner is as well not good looking. If they happen to be sagged also, they can even lead to an already bulging dick to completely turn off.

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